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Troy N. Miller, Democratic Candidate for West Virginia House of Delegates District 98

Unleash West Virginia

Economic Freedom
For All

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Roofers at Work


Fighting For Our Families, Our Neighbors and Our Communities

I'm running for West Virginia House of Delegates District 98 because I know that our economy will only work if it's built from the bottom up.

That means standing up for unions, good wages, safe workplaces, and fostering a government that answers to the people, not the corporate executives and their boards of directors!

It means investing in public education and investing in infrastructure that we all rely on: clean water, effective sanitation, and safe transport.

And it means so much more. 

We are taking a broad look at the district to understand where the commonalities are within the District 98. The concerns of people in the new developments of Ranson are going to be different than the people who have been here for generations in the more rural surrounding areas, but with effective representation we can get to addressing all of our common concerns: good-paying jobs, clean water and air, and vibrant communities for our families. 

We are strong supporters of local self-determination: local residents and communities are the real stakeholders in our state policy-making, and our state policy-making should reflect that. 

Fight For Freedom

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